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Thanks to a superior knowledge and experience in Google Ads, your customers will instantly find you. Our unique  insight into  Digital Marketing Trends lets you capture your customer at the right time.

Strategy planning

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We all want to appear on the first page of the most used search engine in the world but for that, it is essential to look for the keywords that have the highest volume of searches related to what you do.


If you want to increase the Return on Investment, leads, sales or the visibility of your brand on the Internet you are on the right page!


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Yes, our customer Google Ads are monitored on a frequent and daily basis.

We will give you complete access to oversee the work that we provide you. As a matter of fact, the access will be yours completely. You will provide us with management access only.

You will set your own budget, we will do what it will take to make it work.

We will have an ROI-based management approach for paid search success.

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Pay Per Click or PPC is basically a type of advertising on the Internet, which allows you to create an ads and pay only for each click they receive, it is a very effective type of advertising if your idea is to have immediate results, without mentioning that your Ads are shown to those customers who are looking for services or products similar to the ones you are offering and in the area in which you serve.

In Castillo & Webster Marketing Solutions we make a detailed analysis starting from the main objective of your business, we configure your ads establishing budgets according to the category of your business, optimizing and controlling every aspect of your advertising campaign through the use of strategic keywords, reaching the right people and increasing your sales opportunities.

Some advantages of PPC

  • The results are immediate after a couple of hours.
  • Control of pausing, modifying or stopping the announcements.
  • Cost-effective approach
  • You can choose gender, age, income and interests of people you want to reach.
  • Pay only for the number of clicks obtained.

Why look for experts to manage my PPC campaigns?

If you do not have experience or knowledge of advanced features, such as Keyword Research, Extensions, Conversion Tracking, Remarketing, Negative Keyword … you can waste your budget.

If this is your first time, setting up and managing a PPC campaign, bear in mind that you are dealing with specialists of high knowledge and experience, obtain our professional help and save time and unnecessary frustrations.